Alex Owens

Tattoo Artist

Alex Owens sitting at table smiling for Good Hearts Tattoo in Springfield Illinois
Alex(ander) Owens is a Springfield-born tattooer with 5 years of experience. He enjoys his work, and the people he gets to meet through it. His lifelong journey with the arts and music eventually – inevitably – lead him down this path; inexplicable gravity pulled him into this ancient and mysterious craft.
While he enjoys making many differing styles of tattoos, the current focus of his studies and work are Traditional Japanese motifs, preferably within large-scale work. He has always been drawn to the imagery and folklore of Japan, and is appreciative of the shared influence both Japanese and American Traditional tattooing have had on one another over the years.
He has committed himself to the endless pursuit of honing his understanding of the craft, with the hopes to provide discerning customers access to tattoo work unlikely to be found in the land-locked Midwest.
Alex believes tattoos perfectly embody the Japanese idea/concept of “Mono no Aware”, which can be understood as the “pathos of things”;
the beautiful, melancholic transience of life.

Alex's Recent Work